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Peter Gyllenhammar AB (PGAB) is a privately owned investment company with long term investments within the industrial, property and other financial investment activities.

PGAB is a proactive owner with significant in-depth involvement in the entities and assets in which we invest.

With an extensive network and significant experience of financial transactions, PGAB can add value to its investments.

A strong balance sheet together with a flexible and constructive organization allows PGAB to react and act swiftly and efficiently when opportunities arise.


PGAB has three principal “business areas”;

Industrial subsidiaries

Duroc AB
Duroc AB (ownership 80%) is a listed, acquisition-oriented company with the main focus on creating long-term value for shareholders.

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Johnson & Starley Ltd (J&S)

Johnson & Starley Ltd (J&S) is a UK-based group of companies that develops, produces, and distributes products in heating and ventilation, for commercial-  as well as residential buildings. The company group works under its own brands such as J&S, Dravo, and Combat.



SONSAB was formed in August 2019 with the aim of bringing together the existing companies in the wood production industry with the intention to let these companies lay the foundation for a one-stop shop for wood-based products within construction-, furniture- and other industries.

The company group consists of Direktlaminat AB, Fredricsons Trä AB, Mivall Byggross AB, Produktma by SONSAB AB and Wiwood AB with a turnover of approximately MSEK 750.


Property development and management 

PGAB owns 50% of the shares in Galjaden Gruppen, the CEO from the beginning, Martin Hansson, owns the remaining 50% of the shares.

In January 2021, Galjaden sold a larger part of its portfolio to Nyfosa. Galjaden continues to search for new interesting investment opportunities.


Publicly traded investments

PGAB invests in shares and convertibles, both in listed and unlisted companies usually with a long-term perspective and a proactive investing role.

Most often PGAB aims to establish a position as the largest shareholder in the companies in which we invest, our investment profile is typically that of a “proactive investor”.

PGAB traditionally prefers to invest in industrial entities, we are typically long-term holders and also involved in strategic development within the companies in which we invest.

Examples of companies in which PGAB today have invested;

In addition to investing in equity PGAB also has a small loan portfolio in the form of various bridge financing for smaller companies.

If you are interested in bridge loan financing please contact us at info@pg.ab.se

About Peter Gyllenhammar AB

Peter Gyllenhammar AB (PGAB) is 100% owned by Peter Gyllenhammar, the company´s Chairman.

The company was founded in Sweden 2001 and has with good results built up its real estate business, together with its investment activities in Sweden as well as the UK.

PGAB´s head office, with three employees, is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Thanks to satisfactory profitability PGAB has been able to expand strongly while retaining a sound financial position.

PGAB´s overall objective is to generate strong growth in the company´s value and cash flow in the best interest of owners while respecting the interest of various other stakeholders and always retaining a conservative financial policy.

PGAB´s has a book value Equity in excess of 2 000 MSEK. We do not apply IFRS accounting and accordingly, we retain substantial surplus values (“hidden reserves”) in our portfolio of properties, investments as well as businesses.

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